The Changing Room

What you need to know about The Changing Room

The Changing Room has one goal – to promote men’s mental health and wellbeing through the power of the beautiful game. 

Here’s the thing - at the moment men are suffering. Really suffering.

In Scotland, men are two-and-a-half times more likely to die by suicide.

The Changing Room is using football to bring men together to tackle mental health. In the stadiums, in the stands, in fan forums, even in the queue for a pie and Bovril if you want. We just need guys to open up.

We all love a blether about the football, whether it’s pre-match tactics, the team selection, or post-match analysis with your pals. But men also need to get the stuff that’s bothering them off their chests. The Changing Room is here for you.

What is the Changing Room?

What is the Changing Room?

The Changing Room is bringing together men in their middle years (aged 30-64) on their home turf – Easter Road stadium.

It’s your chance to be part of a team tackling mental health. You’ll have the opportunity to step down from the stands into the heart of the club, with access to parts of the stadium you don’t normally have the chance to see. A chance to join in with some banter, but also to talk about what’s really going on in your head.

The Changing Room is funded by the Movember Foundation, and is delivered in partnership by SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health), Hibernian Football Club and SPFL Trust.

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