Where To Go For Help

Places you can head to if you need a bit of help.

Getting help for any mental health problem is nothing to be afraid of. Footballers have a support team - coaches, managers, physios, teammates - and likewise, we all need help from others at times to make sure we're on top form. Don’t suffer in silence, get the help you need by talking to someone you trust, whether a friend, family member, doctor or a confidential helpline. 


So where can you go if you need help?

  • GP: Make an appointment to see your GP. They will offer support right for you, which may include counselling or medication.
  • SAMH: The Changing Room lead partner, offers loads of information. Have a look at the range of online guides relating to mental health problems.
  • The Samaritans: A 24-hour helpline offering emotional support for anyone feeling down, distressed or struggling to cope. Call 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.org.
  • Breathing Space: A confidential out of hours telephone line for people experiencing low mood, anxiety or depression. Call 0800 83 85 87 or visit breathingspace.scot.
  • Online Course: Work through an online course in private and at your own pace. Try Moodjuice to tackle issues such as anxiety, sleep problems and panic. Or MoodGYM for people experiencing depression and anxiety. 

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