Your Mental Health

When everything feels a bit too much.

We’re not just talking about when your team gets relegated, but when life events make us want to run away from it all. It can happen to anyone. Issues like loss or bereavement, problems with work, money, alcohol or drugs, and relationships all impact on our mental health. It’s ok to not feel ok about this stuff.  

Mental health problems are often described using words you’ve probably heard before, like ‘depression’ or ‘anxiety’. So, what do these words mean?



  • Depression lowers your mood, it can make you feel hopeless, unmotivated and exhausted.
  • It can affect self-esteem, sleep, appetite and sex-drive.
  • It doesn’t always stop you leading a normal life but makes everything harder.
  • At its most severe, major depression (clinical depression) can be life-threatening and make you feel suicidal. 


  • Anxiety can mean constant and unrealistic worry about your daily life.
  • You may feel restless, have problems sleeping and possibly physical symptoms like an increased heartbeat, upset stomach, muscle tension or feel shaky.
  • Sometimes, if these feelings overwhelm you, you might experience a panic attack.

How are you doing?

How are you doing?

Depression and anxiety can make you feel as bad, or sometimes worse, than any other illness – only you can’t see it.  Not sure how you are doing? Why not take our mental health wellbeing assessment tool? It only takes five minutes and could be the positive first step for you to consider your own wellbeing. 

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